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Style Seminar with Wlaa Style!

This seminar is open to Men & Women, Boys & Girls, ages 8+
There will be an optional Q&A from 7:30pm-8pm.

You do not need to be a Hoffman student or model in order to participate!

About Wlaa Style

His love for fashion and helping every individual look their best for any occasion is what has kept stylist Wlaa motivated as a fashion consultant for over 8 years. Wlaa has developed into a creative, professional fashion stylist with vast experiences in showcasing a variety of fashion-forward and mainstream looks for designers, sales personnel, boutique owners, and fashion consumers. With a broad skillset in the fashion industry and a multitude of clients and designer relationships, Wlaa has become an asset within the fashion industry. Wlaa is able to provide every client from celebrity to housewife to general consumer an exclusive and personal experience that takes them to the next level of style.

This seminar will cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Figure vs. Wardrobe: Dressing your body type to look its best.
  • Common Misconceptions: Horizontal Stripes, Wearing All Black, Mixing Metallics, Mixing Patterns, etc.
  • All about the Body: Body Shapes, Long Legs, Short Torsos, Face Shapes, Neck Lengths, etc.
  • Colors: What colors look best on particular skin types, how to put together a color story within an outfit.
  • Accessorizing: Day-to-Evening looks, how to create new looks throughout the day.
  • Shopping: How to shop for and develop your personal style.
  • Staple Wardrobe Pieces: Basic items everyone should have in their closet.

Call 913-642-1060 or email info@hoffmanmodels.com for more information or to reserve your spot today!


June 25
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm